An Actor

When I turned to help a friend and acted in his film, I didn’t know that it would spiral into a filmography of mine as an actor! It was easy fitting into the comic and character roles that I accepted. Yes, am open to being an actor too!


  •  Bhagambhag – The Run ( Director – Vijay Thanki) My role here is a comic cameo. It was a fun shoot.
  •  Pappu ki Shaadi – ( Director – Yatesh Joshi) I play and anxious mother, eager to find a daughter-in-law who will keep the son happy.
  • Jago Sone Wallo – ( Director – Mahendraa Tripathi) Here, I play an extra-smart secretary who guides her boss into doing the right action. This was a film with a social cause.
  • Guide – (Director – Aakarsh Sharma) Again, it’s a cameo – where I play a strict teacher.


  • Shaque – (Director – Mustafa) In Shaque, I play a modern but gossiping mother-in-law.


  • Story by Nandini Hate-Mane in ‘Pink-Wink’ a short film made for the 48-Hour Film Festival, Mumbai 2013
  • Production Assistant in award winning film, ‘The Ritual’ directed by Sasmit Vasantgadkar. The contest was related to and judged by International Film Director Shekhar Kapur. It was part of the exercise to bring awareness of his yet to be released film, “Paani”.

Actor Portfolio