A Day of Short Films.

Last Sunday I was again privileged to be the program compere for the 3rd Smita Patil International Film Festival (SMIFF) 2014.

It was a day of watching some great films and meeting people. A quick recap of the films that I found interesting!

Fiction Films:

Cycle – needs to be mentioned first – simply because, it did not get an award, didn’t mean it wasn’t in the race for one. I would have thought it had a good chance! The story was well crafted with some remarkable imagery, turning the everyday subway into a monster waiting to devour lives. The fear of the father had tangible tensile strength throughout the film maintaining the balance of taut tension!

The Ritual, was a quick intense film. Are we apathetic and insensitive to our environment and water needs? A question that asks a question! I loved it.

Gaimalawarchi Fanas, was another story told powerfully. The child actor was simply, wow! The tale of how a simple incident can affect the vulnerable mind of a child. I held my breath many a times during this film’s screening!

Tapish – The Heat was another well presented film. But I felt that it was too cosmetic in appearance – the feel of ‘real’ was missing. And yet I want to mention its name simply because it was well directed! I loved the script’s dialogues, especially.

Dwaraka – I need to mention this, only because I am a great fan of the actor, Adil Hussain. The film was an out and out a ‘hindi picture’!


Selfie – was another film that also deserves a mention. I thought that it was indeed very topical and relevant. It was a tale of enlightenment, told simply. There was scope for more creative presentation, and yet I found it worth my while.

Maans Aahar – was a very very bold and a raw film. It promoted vegetarianism in a manner most revolting and therefore made an excellent impact. I confess to not watching the screen all through! It was a commendable effort.

Dashee – was another documentary which had crisp visuals and a story to be told. Unfortunately in spite of the interesting topic, it wound round and round the same facts making the overall effect quite repetitive and boring.

Award Winners!

Among these I loved the fiction: Mukti – the mysticism of the folklores of Konkan were wonderfully portrayed. The story kept one interested and the visuals were really fine. The documentary – Irani Chai Café was well crafted and well presented! I loved the uncomplicated documentation of The Donkey Fair, too. An incident of people and donkeys, well told.

I have not mentioned the directors nor any other details, but there is a link given below, should you desire to check them out.

If you have missed out these three years of screenings, I would strongly recommend you to check in October next year for update on the 4th screening of the SMIFF, at their Facebook page!