A Director

I have always dreamt in Technicolor and now-a-days I day-dream in 6-D! Theatre and films have always been a part of my life and I do believe the way I was brought up, had a lot to do with it. I wasn’t in the limelight nor behind the scenes literally – in spite of that I was in the middle of it all, as a witness, as a spectator – great entities from the world of theatre and cinema came and went, in my home and therefore in my life.

After studying Arts and doing a half-hearted Business Management course, I went into writing, because at 23, I realized that only writing made me happy. I was a print journalist when the media explosion happened in the late 90s. By then I had already put in a decade of work with various organizations in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. Somewhere along the way I forayed into film scripting (2007) with London-based The Script Factory. Armed with a basic and an advanced learning workshop on ‘Producing and Script Development’ I worked informally with friends from the TV and Film industry in Mumbai, India.  

It was finally in the beginning of 2013 that I took the plunge into film-making after successfully passing out of IMI (Institute of Moving Images – Mumbai, India).Thus began my experiments with short fiction films. In the first year I directed, produced and even edited two of the first five short films of my life. My very first documentary on the renowned Indian painter Subhash Awchat was screened at Smita Patil Film Festival 2013 and at NIFF 2014 (Nashik International Film Festival) and was greatly appreciated. It was a lovely feeling, when people came up to me and offered congratulations. When complete strangers said words of encouragements, I knew I had to do more! And that’s what I am doing – my next documentary is about hi-lighting a social cause and my script for my first Marathi feature film is ready. Any takers?