Geetanjali Express - Dr Salil Latay

It was a wonderful start of an evening that ended with another musical line up – that of my former singing teacher, Dr Salil Latay and his program called ‘Geetanjali Express’. So from songs of the bard we made a straight transition into the world of ghazals. For my non-Indian audience I will quickly recap what a ‘Ghazal’ is – a song or poem that has a whole lot of specifications about repetitive and rhyming words, rhythm and even the use of the poet’s alias! Technically the word is a noun which has an Arabic origin – it means in Middle Eastern and Indian literature and music, a lyric poem with a fixed number of verses and a repeated rhyme, typically on the theme of love and it is normally set to music.

We entered the Dorabjee Padumjee Hall at Tilak Road a bit late and were immediately greeted by the rich baritone of Dr Salil’s voice. The words were lovely and the melody created was simply by his keyboard, a guitar, the dafali and the jhumroo-sand stick.

We spent the next hours listening to a rich and mix presentation of old film classic songs and ghazals. His voice brings back memories of the late Jagit Singh’s and you can’t help but dream. The nuggets of information and anecdotes that Dr. Salil presents as interludes between songs are always interesting. He conducts these programs very often and you must log on to his website (www, more details of his programs.

I would surely recommend many an evening of his rich soulful voice – making you experience a peace filled with joy.