The Lord Is My Shepherd!

Can you imagine my surprise and joy and amazement when my 12 year-old son, Samardhana, asked me if we could go for the ‘Timeless Shakespeare’ festival? Somehow I am sure you would know of my sense of deep pride! And so we went. Outside the venue, at the program schedule standee, he was a bit disappointed when he realized that it was a film festival and not ‘theater’ as he had imagined it! We went inside anyways, but not before he had extracted a promise out of me, that if he got ‘bored’ we would leave! Well so much so for my deep sense of pride.

As we settled down, and the program started, I was amazed at the sudden line up of men and women of varying ages! Somehow the word ‘choir’ always brought a picture of the youngsters as church singers! Needless to say the next thirty odd minutes were simply beautiful! We were both mesmerized and for Samardhana, it was quite an experience.

He especially liked ‘Just brush up your Shakespeare’ lyrics and was quite amused to know that this form of singing even existed! I silently thanked the Good Lord!

Back in the car, after the show, our talked revolved around Shakespeare and my tryst with church and choir singers.

For me, that evening, my son was truly my shepherd.