In Love…. Again!

It is quite a recent thing with me that now-a-days I walk into the theater to watch a film - absolutely in the blind – and this time too – the effect was fantastic.

When one has traveled around the world and experienced the different cultures and tasted the different cuisines, the first meal at home brings in a distinct feeling na?

Just like that, when your sensibilities have experienced films ranging from Oscar nominated to critically acclaimed to good-n-great ones – you suddenly come home to the soul comforting desi flavor of ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’ directed by Sharat Katariya.

As I settled comfortably into my seat and the movie, generally feasting on Ayushmann Khurana, I kept waiting.. and waiting… and waiting for the heroine!

And before I realized that I was supposed to be ‘waiting’ I got completely engrossed in this simple tale of a common everyday kind of a boy who had well .. a regular way of thinking in the Indian manner.

And before I realized I was part of the story, believing in this mega institution called ‘Arranged Marriage’ that seems to be crumbling and changing into a layered format of ‘ifs and buts’, all over the Indian continent.

And before I realized, an old fuddy duddy cynical idea of love was effortlessly transformed, washed away with a sparkling tale of “Love” – Love  that needed to be planted as a seed, watered with family bonding and nurtured with care and acceptance; time, place and culture notwithstanding.

And before you know it, one finds it so easy to fit into this home in Haridwar. The river Ganga is shot beautifully, at all times of the day and night – provides the necessary flow – in the story as well as in your hearts.

Brilliant performances, real characters and wonderful humor!

If you want to be reminded of the very durable ‘Indian Arrange Marriage’, and of family bonds and values; if you want to believe in love again…

Please do watch ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’!  

You will find it irresistible – for the love and the security that it offers, served simply and just reminding you that no matter what flavor you taste with the tongue or the mind, the taste of ‘Home’  will never go out of style!