PK was OK!

PK was OK.

Aamir Khan naked! The scandalous photograph got its attention – all over -the media hyped - and groaned and created in the minds of the average Indian movie buff – a stir.

Was I one of them? Well – I don’t think so or rather let us say I didn’t really react and before I had time to think aloud a reaction – the film was on the screens.

It wasn’t first day first show – but it was definitely a mad dash, the moment there were rumors of it being banned!

I heard and I ran to the theatre! So again I didn’t really have time to read or listen in to any lengthy reviews. The ones that I glimpsed were on facebook – and people either hated it or loved it! These were two extreme views zooming past each other – I am yet to meet someone who thought PK was OK!

I love Raju Hirani and his movies – and this is his movie. The personal bias has now been put away.. (plus point)

Aamir is a brilliant actor and if it had been any other actor in his place, I don’t think I would have said these same words; and I mean from top to bottom. (plus point)

The film runs amok.. like an amoeba.. confining characters along the way and trying to digest them in a manner of sense. Apart from Aamir’s character, all others seem to have a logical start and end to their personalities.. there are absolutely no surprises and like my good friend Sasmit says rightly – he (Raju Hirani) connects all the dots for the us (the audience) – Raju hasn’t let us have had the joy to put it all together in our very own way..

For me too, that’s what made it an OK movie.. (minus point)

Sanjay Dutt is… well Sanjay Dutt and he’s dead right now…as  in the movies. Seeing his face on screen only made me aware that I was watching a film – a huge minus point – since movies are meant to make you live in a make believe world for a little while at least.

OMG and PK? Oh My God, Why?

Why? Why are people comparing these two movies?

I truly believe OMG was one man’s tale! It personified God and therefore the belief in his presence. The script was wonderful – tight, meaningful and made the audience think. It also gave the audience a lot of respite and a few good satirical laughs! It’s a movie that one can watch in re-runs all the time! The actors Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar were simply brilliant!

For me, PK – creates a fiction – as a surmise – it’s a movie that has tried to be so careful about the social and the moral issue of rituals and God that sadly it goes nowhere! It adds laughter, romance, and thrill in a ratio, that as an equation, can’t really be messed up. If the collection numbers are to be believed, Raju HIrani may be certainly going to the banks… but I don’t think he is laughing all way.