ROY - Poetic and Art!

I was at the E-Square ticket counter and I missed catching Shamitabh by some thirty odd minutes! “Roy chi deyu ka?” asked the marketing savvy girl behind the ticket counter sale, and I was so not willing to go back empty-handed.

Very dejectedly I said yes and then asked her, just by the way of it, “Hero, kon ahe?” She said, “Arjun Rampal,” as she handed back my change and I had to move away. Mohini, my friend looked at me quizzically, “Arjun Rampal. Chal ga, better than just going back home,” and we walked into screen 5.

As a wanna-be film-maker, I need to operate in the blind sometimes, otherwise prejudices can really crowd my brains – but walking blind into a film called “Roy” was an understatement. I settled down to watch Arjun and er.. Jacqueline Fernandez. “Can she act? Oh God, what have I to endure now?” I found myself asking, as the sexy heroine’s images with Salman Khan on Big Boss, flashed across my mind! Arjun could be bearable, maybe enjoyable too? I thought, consoling myself.   

Believe it or not, I had walked in, just missing the titles.. so when Ranbir Kapoor flashed on the screen, my heart went “BOOOM” and I was happy, happy! I will tolerate anything as long as I get to watch Ranbir on screen, I thought.

Roy opens with expectedly with all the right components of a good film, opening scenes, cinematography, and music in an alright equation. The story begins in a well planned manner, enticing the viewer juts enough to oscillate between “Ah, I know,” and, “Oh? Now what?” Before you know, we are in the story-teller’s grasp and soon eating out of his hands.

The characters intertwine in a way that is a reminder of many a story of a character and his creator – the love angle is quite predictable and so is the format of fact merging fiction. Arjun, Ranbir and Jacqueline, all look well groomed in every sense of the way and yes, she can act – that Jacqueline! The only actor I found too typecast was Shernaz Patel – either she displays only one type of an acting skill – that of a mad baawi, or then she wasn’t directed at all. She was like a seasoning that didn’t go well with the rest of the dish.

In the more than 100 years of stories being told on the silver screen, there are none that haven’t been told before! So ‘Roy’ besides some unique moments also had a few elements that were winning shots or surmises – many have-seens too!

But truth be told, I loved the film!

Vikramjit Singh tells his story with the slow and calculated patience of an expert Japanese Origami artist. Some folds are familiar, some seem easy, some are completed complicated – and yet when you see the final structure it is quite a piece of art! Familiar, yet classy.

Already there are brickbats for Vikramjit Singh – but those will be there anyways – ‘Roy’ is poetic, and not everybody likes poetry. Those who like poetry don’t necessarily like Haiku or free-verse!

‘Roy’ is Art – and it is up to the viewer to see the beauty in it. I think for the first time director – it is definitely a victory.

If you want to see a story, being folded into a piece of art – do watch “Roy”, a film by Vikramjit Singh.