A Script Doctor

I am already playing a new role – that of a Script-Doctor.

Having completed a basic and an advanced course with London-based “The Script Factory” I now feel equipped and trained to help deliver ‘healthy scripts’. Add this to the fact that I have been writing, in all kinds of ways for the last 20 years! As a 'Script – Doctor' I offer professional help to all those who want a healthy script.

Or it could be, “An idea into a hard bound script”.

If you need any of the following queries answered, regarding your idea or script, call me now!

  • How do I convert an idea into a story?
  • Does your script ‘feel’ right?
  • How to flesh out a story into a screen play / script?

Then as a ‘Script Doctor’ I will help you to:

  • Identify ideas that will work.
  • Plot constructions
  • Plugging holes in the plot / idea
  • Making the plot believable
  • Building real characters
  • Creasing out character flaws
  • Climaxes and anti-climaxes
  • Action scenes
  • Planning for songs
  • Importance of songs
  • Techniques and uses of montages, flashbacks, narration etc

I will also take individual sessions to facilitate

  • Script presentation
  • Sales Pitch
  • Plan and execute Budgets