A Writer

Having worked as a journalist for more than a decade with various publications like A&M, Magna, Pune Times - Times of India and Pune Mid-Day, I finally started writing for myself as ‘myself’. I also contributed opinions, short stories and flash fiction for various e-communities and e-writers’ groups in Mumbai. Even as I continued as a freelancer with national and international publications, I began my own collection of short stories and narratives that were based on my experiences as a tarot reader and a soul healer. My short stories have been published in an anthology; “The Curse of the Bird and Other Stories” by Bangalore based Unisun Publications. While I confess I don’t have a LBB – 'the proverbial - little black book’, I do key in notes on my little kalaberry. So I do have a ready pot of ideas brewing in various stages. I would be happy to take things forward if you would like to browse through my collection and pick something that you fancy to be developed into a fully fledged script or story or maybe you would like lyrics for a song maybe even a ghazal?