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Did you watch Chaitanya Tamhane’s Court?

Yes, Your Honor, I did.

How was the movie?

Er.. cant... Read More

It is quite a recent thing with me that now-a-days I walk into the theater to watch a film - absolutely in the blind... Read More

I was at the E-Square ticket counter and I missed catching Shamitabh by some thirty odd minutes! “Roy chi deyu ka?”... Read More

PK was OK.

Aamir Khan naked! The scandalous photograph got its attention – all over -the media hyped - and... Read More

Last Sunday I was again privileged to be the program compere for the 3rd Smita Patil International Film Festival (... Read More

It was a wonderful start of an evening that ended with another musical line up – that of my former singing teacher,... Read More

Can you imagine my surprise and joy and amazement when my 12 year-old son, Samardhana, asked me if we could go for... Read More


What do you do when you get a chance to meet your idol? Well, I guess lots of crazy things people do. I? I just sat... Read More

It was during my first Marathi short film, which I thought of using my friend Anita’s prowess as a poet. I needed my... Read More

My view of life is like looking through a kaleidoscope; a myriad of colors of people, circumstances, relationships!... Read More