• Mamma.

    If you have loved your mother and have lost her to the heavens above, then you know that there is never a day in your life, that you don’t miss her. And then there are days like today, when only her memories crowd your mind, giving little else, any space at all.

    My Ma, would have been 73 today. She isn’t here, but her love is and her blessings too.

  • It was the early 80s. I was just experiencing the first pangs of romance – a ‘hero’ was vaguely taking shape in my head – sometimes it would be Jeetendra, sometimes it would be Dilip Kumar or even Manoj Kumar! Well, after all I was exposed to films that my mother watched! Thanks to DD we all watched old Marathi films too and thanks to the advent of video-cassettes, we all watched a lot of English films with any real choices!

  • Bal Kaka was a frequent visitor in our home; so I don’t really remember a time when I first met him as such. Throughout my growing years, he always looked the same – a shock of black hair, black rimmed spectacles and a perennial smile! He was always jovial – no matter what the situation – he would always find something ho feel happy about. He was great friends with my father – although I didn’t much care for their conversations then, today as I recall they must have been higly intellectual.

  • There’s a family folklore here – a time when I wasn’t even born - apparently my eldest sister Sadhana was a baby and was fast asleep when Dr Kaka, as I fondly called him, was visiting our home. She was lying on the diwan and my parents and Dr. Kaka and his wife Irrawati kaki were comfortable settled around the sofa set. The baby suddenly stirred and my mother went to hush and turned her on the other side.

  • I remember coming home from school one hot afternoon in our government flat in Yashodhan, opp the CCI (Criket Club of India) in Bombay (now called Mumbai), to the sound of harmonium music and animated clapping and cheering.

  • Bhakti-Didi – for me.

    Like every responsible adult in those black and white television DD (DoorDarshan) years my father too watched television news avidly; and since I was on his lap most of the time, newsreader Bhakti Barve’s face was familiar and friendly for me.