This is the story of a pretty girl
Shy, sweet and actually quite a nerd
Clung on to a big bosomed friend,
Was startled at everything that moved,
Yet she studied well
And was generally happy in her simple world
Seasons changed and she grew a wee bit taller
She stepped into a bigger ring
And just bumped into her prince charming
A whirlwind of a romance later
She stood at the altar alone
Never quite fathoming
What she wanted from her husband dear
A couple of children later
She decided that life was good
If she rushed from one thing to another
Never stopping by to feel or think
So she bunched up all her emotions and
Simply bundled them away in a deep corner
Of her heart, which she promised herself, she would
One day clean dust and clean up
Time swept by
Girl became a woman in many ways but one
She laughed and believed that her needs were simple
Until came a moment came by when
Just a click of a button
Brought in an avalanche
That staggered her
Broke down her walls
Crashed open her desires
It made her emote
As she never had believed herself to
Now she smiled from her heart and cried
With a purpose that she knew would only
Bring her closer to discovering her strengths
This time the true ones…
She loved with a vengeance, not only her lover
But for the first time her self over…
Today as she sits at the brink
Wondering if the step, the jump
She would take, will actually
Make her world open or shrink
She laughs suddenly
For she knows
That no matter what the stars say
She’ll be okay
The rainbow will show its true colors
And she’ll walk in the Sun
With a light step and the Moon in her eyes
The story doesn’t really end here
Coz the truth as we see it
Is never quite there
The pretty girl discovered the woman in her
Shed her skin, wore a new look
Made new bold moves and
Finally danced to her very own tune…


In the absence of a bright shining moon
There was a storm brewing up
And the dainty magical creature of the deep seas
Thought it was only in the skies above
And not the deep dark waters below
The thunder bolted furiously
And the lightning streaked merrily
Playing such a game of hide ‘n’ seek
That the world at large
Shivered, fretted and feared silently
Gold and silver beautifully entwined
In her tail, fins and long tresses
The ageless mermaid sat upon a floating snow rock
And sang her ethereal song warning the traveling ships
To cross the danger zones safely
And as she performed her karmic duty
There passed a great big vessel much too close
And her eyes fell upon the strong young lad
Who had braved the pelting hail and the rain
Just to catch a glimpse of her wondrous tail
All of a sudden the storm outside began to melt
Only to resurface in the two hearts that had just met
And even as the ship passed by safely
The lad drowned in her beautiful eyes
As he leapt into the raging sea
Day after day they sat upon the snow rock
Each returning to the life they belonged to
For a few hours they would be together
Laughing and sharing at the horizon of their worlds
Never once confronting a dream so impossible
But soon came a time
When the strong lad waited longer and longer
Grew frail and weak and almost died
She knew then, the beautiful mermaid
That they were not meant to be as she carried
His limp form and watched him saved by a passing ship
And though he wanted to leap right back
Amongst the dark swirling waters
Just to hold her another time
The healing hands that held him at bay
Wouldn’t let him get away
He made a promise that he did
To himself and his sad crying soul mate
That no matter what
Every red moon day
He would come to her and drive her loneliness away
So if you are out by the sea
When the waters below and the skies above
Are unnaturally still and calm
Sure look up at the eerie red moon
And know that it only reflects their bleeding hearts


As I was walking by my life
I suddenly bumped into
A guy with laughing brown eyes
Who turned out to be
A friend and soul mate
With no clue about the things
That would unfold in my life
The guy with a smile so nice
Settled down comfortably and
Fitted in a small crevice
He just made me laugh
It was laughter that I had forgotten
A sound that had grown so alien
To me over the years, that I thought
Many a times it was of no use to me
But this guy..
The one with the kindest heart and the nicest smile
Punched a line so simply
That it went straight down to my heart and
Just made me all giggly
I was surprised
I was happy
I was in tears as
Each time without fail
The laughter washed away my fears
What can I say?
The jokes were new
The jokes were old
A few were borrowed while others
Simply wouldn’t hold
But they came in an unending stream
Always assuring
That I laughed away an absurd dream
My heart felt light
My eyes began to shine
I liked the sound of my own laughter again
But better still I loved
This old guy with a kind heart, a nice smile
More than anything else that I called my own….


The click of a button, the hiss of an fm wave
The rhythm of the drum beat
The strains of the first strings
That’s all it needs
To awaken my little one’s
Dancing soul

The flip of an arm, the shake of a leg
The roll and swing of the hip
And he’s made his world a dance floor
To match his
Dancing soul

The lights come on, the chair morphs into a partner
Who swishes her skirts and taps her toes
To his ever ready
Dancing soul

The smooth moves that flow with gentle hiccups
Are defined in his impromptu compositions
They last for a song, no more
For there can’t be a favorite two, for his
Dancing soul

Amidst the monotones of additions, subtractions and lengthy poems,
The stage is set once again, and while it lasts
There’s sunshine in the room
With flowers in full bloom
And suddenly the click of a button means its time
To take a break and
Let the studious stupor be washed away by the rebirth of his
Dancing soul


I want life to stop by you..
I want life never to pass you by
It feels so right that you are there
Everything else was so insignificant
When you weren’t here
You brought the meaning back
You reminded that I could still laugh
You repainted my rainbow,
When all my colors had gone dry..
You held me back when I wanted to hide
You urged me to run ahead when I stumbled and fell
You came like an angel in a dream
When I thought I was drowning mid-stream
Now that I have caught my breath and got back my strength
You say I gotta say good bye?
I am too stunned to react
There’s movement all around me
I gotta go, I know
And yet all I want right now is
My life to stop by you…
I want me, never to pass you by….


Two men in a boat
Alone and forlorn
Carrying the burden
Of a life gone
Waiting to reach the midpoint
Where the dark waters twirl and swirl
With the promise of carrying forth
Right down to the core
The meltdown begins..
Of heaven and earth
What’s the purpose, I ask
Of holding it a while
Only to it let go?
Does it really mean anything other than the just,
The two men in a boat
On the calm, deep river
Carrying the burden
Of a life gone by….


In the deep jungles of west India
There were some inhabitants that wore orange robes
Walked barefoot and led simple spiritual lives
Among the celibate monks were men with families too
Their livelihoods were close to nature as
Nature was close to the Enlightened One whose
Teachings were simplified as the Eight-fold path.
Conflict and contrasts were alien to their plain souls and they simply followed when led.

In a serene so atmosphere, there blossomed among the dried
Banks of a previously swollen river, a
Strange friendship between a tall lanky monk and
A sweet monk-child of a potter.
For the boy-monk, the Tall One was a magician who could
Heal and cure with herbs and roots
He ground, he crushed and he made strange pastes
But the best healing came from his soothing and wise words.

The Tall One had a questioning mind and though he walked steadfast on The Path,
It was full of meandering questions to which he sought Answers that were so brave and extraordinary that it led the community to shun him
And that’s why the Tall One found the his small friend, whom he found
On the dried banks of the previously swollen river, a treasure.

All was well in this alliance, as the uninitiated student and his informal Master,
Learnt from each other, so well that it was
Indeed impossible to know the student from the master!

And just before this story takes a turn of a fairy tale, a
Tragedy struck the friendship apart.
Separated cruelly by the poisonous fangs of a jungle serpent
The Tall One stood seething with anger, as,
He watched amongst the crowd that held him at bay, while the Poor little monk-child foamed at the mouth and died.

As they carried his inert frail form away,
The magician’s bag fell from his heavy heart and out rolled his Grinding stone and the herbs that would have held
The little monk-child’s writhing life at bay

The Tall one’s anger knew no bounds as his memories lingered
On the indignant chains that the crowd put on his
Healing hands and just let a life ebb away…

He vowed then, the magician to the boy, the healer of the future
That he would follow no more a faith so blind
And a path so constricted that it would bind
The very purpose that one had to find
By simply following the teachings of the One Enlightened

And so time after time as the Magician emerged
Again and again in different lifetimes
He kept his vow and became a healer without binds

You ask me how I narrate all this? Well fine
It is because I found him again this lifetime.
He’s still the tall lanky one
With his healing hands working fine
And me?
Me, I’m just the monk-child,
This time having survived the harshest reality bite!


Enclosed in a glass world
The silence regularly broken by a cacophony of beeps, hums and thuds
He’s only aware of the outside world when another one rolls in
On a trolley, almost lifeless or breathless
His attention is diverted just enough to look at the faces, the frightened faces that accompany the bloodied and bare bodies
He goes back to his work
Of delivering pain free therapy, stacking up reports and analysis mentally,
He goes back - to do what he does best – healing broken people.

What is Time to him? When all he’s doing - all the time - is racing against … or for it..
What is time to him? To the one who sees ‘It’ ebbing with every breath or gone in a second..
What is time to him, when it stands like a huge mountain between him and the one who needs it?

For him, what is the need of Time?

Is it then, being only there and then…
Or is it something that just exists now and here…
Is it a touch.. a word.. a thought that can cross the abyss
That can connect the ‘has been’ and the ‘would be’
Surely I know, I can’t tell…..I wonder…
Can the man behind the glass doors?


Have you ever heard the sound of a breaking heart?

I wonder then…

Does it creak and sway / twist before the final fall
Or does it splinter and crash

Does it really disintegrate bit by bit, until it isn’t standing tall?

Soft crunches? Loud thuds?
If the hurt is big, is the sound small?

Like an air filled balloon, is it just a prick and Bang!
Or does it hiss away like a freshly opened bottle of fizz?

The rumble of a thunder, the pattering of drops
I wonder
If it is one big sound, or the soft tapping of the woodpecker?

Does it break with the sound of a rifle shot
Or is it simply like the abrupt pistol shots with a silencer on,
Maybe it is rather like the chained cement ball, swinging to a bat?
Does it go quietly like a boat with a hole, no swishing and cracking, no Titantic here, just a soft choking gurgling sound?

When a heart breaks does it crackle like a constantly fed fire
Or is it really mute like the dying ambers of a hearty log?

Oh! Is it?
That’s it? It is simply soundless?
Oh – I see, the sound’s mute!

And only the one whose heart breaks, knows its sound?

Oh really? You don’t say!

Its always different, each time for everybody?

I am stumped – for I always heard a loud crash, a soft thud, a tingling hiss, a smart rap, a cruel tap every time someone around me started to cry.


The shadow of a dimple
On a soft cheek of
A face so fair
Won my heart, the first time my
Eyes crossed the wee forehead in her baby’s lair.

She grew up to be
A pretty girl
Tall, lush and all curls
Lighting up the world in a manner so simple
All because there was a shadow of a dimple

Now she’s all ladylike
And mind you, not at all
Dainty, she’ll strike
And sunshine dims afore her
As she weaves her way into your life,
Your heart fills with joy as her stakes
Of common sense run really high
She flowers, she blooms and she grows
From the beautiful child that you’ve always known
Into a being
That’s so pleasing
And yet the baby, the child
You can still find
In that fine
Shadow of a dimple.